Pebbles Tale

A Guided Walk looking at the rich geology and ancient landscape archaeology of Criccieth Beach, Snowdonia, Gwynedd, North Wales.

Guided Walk Criccieth east beach looking towards Snowdonia

Criccieth east beach looking towards Snowdonia

Join me, Heather Ibbetson, geologist and landscape nut, in an area of stunning scenery for a fun morning of guided walking and talking and have a go at solving a geological mystery, which is there for anyone to read. All that is required is curiosity, a couple of hours walk on a beautiful beach and a whole different landscape can reveal itself to you. It’s not a loud tale. It’s told in a quiet way that is only revealed to those with the will to hear an ancient story that shapes all our lives today.

The Pebble’s Tale

Have you ever been out walking on the beach and a pebble has caught your eye.  When you picked it up did you ever think “why is it here, in this place and where has it come from?” When you looked at it closely and saw the detail of different colours and layering did it ever occur to you that the pebble was trying to tell you its tale.  All pebbles have a story to tell and I can help you to read it.  Did you know that, just like people no two stones are the same even if they have come from the same parent rock? Fun isn’t it?  This is where we begin as stone detectives and who knows where each pebbles tale will end.

As stone detectives we will closely examine our stones (our crime scene, so to speak) type, shape, colour and texture.  From these clues we can work out what type of stone it is. Where it is likely to have come from and whether it has travelled far, if so, by sea, river, desert, glacier or just plain broken off a nearby rock.  Walking through the landscape and looking at similar rocks it will be possible to make an educated guess as to what the approximate age is of your own individual pebble, where it has come from and what it is likely to have seen on the journey it has taken. Bit by bit we can build up the story of the stone you have in your hand and also discover more about the area around Criccieth and the distant ancient landscapes your pebble came from.

A large selection of pebbles on Criccieth beach!

A large selection of pebbles on Criccieth beach!

Guided Walk details

This is essentially an outdoor activity with the emphasis being on you and the landscape itself.  This involves walking over uneven terrain to examine geological, landscape or riverine structures. However if you are unable to do this we may be able to make alternative arrangements where necessary.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements prior to booking.

This guided walk runs on Sunday of each week but please check the calendar for availability from November to April.  Meet at the Bank Tea Room at 10.00 a.m. for an ice breaker session where we will have refreshments, introductions and choice of pebble.

Guided walk duration: 10.00-1.00 (3 hours)

Fee: £15.00 per person (there is a small surcharge for online payments)

Family ticket: £50.00 (2 adults, 2 children under 16) additional children £10.00 each.

This walk is suitable for children over 6 years old.

Maximum number of people is 6 but if a family exceeds this number additional  members are welcome at the discounted rate of £10.00 each.


As we will be on the beach and later near the castle Public Conveniences are nearby and lots of cafes and eateries close by for when we finish but please bring a bottle of water with you – if not to drink, you can pour over your pebble to see the detail more clearly!

Please read the practical information page before booking to make sure you are properly equipped.  I reserve the right to exclude anyone, without refund, who does not comply with the practical information on attire, outdoor risk or bad weather contingency plan.

A small selection of pebbles on Criccieth beach waiting to tell their tale.

A small selection of pebbles on Criccieth beach waiting to tell their tale.

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